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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an app on my phone to get “It”? 

    • Nope! Best Deal Retailers use the app on their iPad in-store. We want to help you find the best deal - anywhere in the world - and we'll give you a better deal. Best Deal Retailers combine products and services in their store to build you a custom value package that saves you money. 

  • What is a "custom value package"?

    • Custom value packages are comprised of services and products you were going to spend money on anyway. For example, if you're a cyclist, most likely you’d pay for services, parts, tune-ups, etc. For the price of your new product, you get that product plus service and other products you've selected through this smart retail technology. Your custom value package is worth more than the money you could save shopping online. Plus, you buy local and hang out at your favorite local shop while saving money.

  • Don't Best Deal Retailers just price-match?

    • Some retailers price match but Best Deal Retailers help customers understand the total value of their purchase at the store and compare it to the deal available online through the Best Deal Retailer smart retail technology app. “It” displays products and services you already need to paying for, or may need to in the future. “It”helps local retailers keep your business while saving you money at the same time. “It” is a WIN WIN WIN for consumers, retailers and the community.

  • What kind of businesses benefit most from Best Deal Retailer?

    • Best Deal Retailer works in a variety of industries, and we’re discovering new applications for our product all the time. Best Deal Retailer core service is for local, independent retail stores (that’s where it was developed, after all!). We learned quickly that there are applications beyond brick-and-mortar retailers. We’ve been lucky to be part of a community that now includes industrial suppliers, health and wellness studios, restaurants, outdoor shops and more. Have an idea about how Best Deal Retailer could apply to your business? Get in touch.

  • How do I find Best Deal Retailers?

    • Our services are expanding across the country as you read this! You can use this link to search for Best Deal Retailers near you.